Penumbra “Lewis Carroll” Issue

I’m pleased to announce that Penumbra’s September issue, in honor of Lewis Carroll, is now available in all electronic formats.

The magazine features my story “Saturday Night At The Wonderland Club” as well as stories by H.L. Fullerton, E. Catherine Tobler and DeAnna Knippling.

Get your copy here.

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“Saturday Night At The Wonderland Club” sold.

Penumbra e-zine has purchased my story “Saturday Night At The Wonderland Club” for their “Lewis Carroll” themed issue.

It’s one of the most challenging stories I’ve ever written – trying to get the right balance of surreality and social comment was tough, but enjoyable.

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Two More Releases!

My (very) short story “No Magic” is now posted on the Untied Shoelaces of the Mind site – free to readers.

Also, The Death God’s Chosen from Deepwood Publishing, featuring my story “Maiden, Tower, Catacomb,” is now available.

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Future Embodied!

The book is now available in print:

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RavenCon Schedule

If you’re looking for me at RavenCon, here’s my schedule:

Friday, 6pm: Online Reviews: The Good and the Bad.
Friday, 8pm: 3-D Printing: The Promise and the Perils.
Saturday, 9am: Doctor Who Through The Ages
Saturday, 12pm: Modern Forms of Writing: Books, Comics, Film
Saturday, 3pm: Writing The Other
Saturday, 8pm: Reading
Sunday, 9am: B Movies, Our guilty but not so secret pleasure.
Sunday, 11am: Powered Armor: Is Disabled or Small still a problem?

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The Future Embodied!

The Amazon Kindle version is now available. A print version should be posted in a few days.

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The Ways Of Magic!

The latest anthology from Deepwood Publishing, featuring my story “Tapestries,” is now available from Amazon (and other retailers).

Get your copy here:

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Making Fate!

What is it? Follow this link to find out: – and tomorrow the adventure begins!

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The Skeptic and Other Glimpses and Astronomical Odds

The Skeptic and Other Glimpses.

A UFO debunker bites off more than he can chew. A man faces an unusual test for an orbital job. Immortality becomes something to fear. Anchored around “The Skeptic,” one of the last stories purchased by Dr. Stanley Schmidt prior to his retirement as editor of Analog, this collection of six short-short and flash stories shows glimpses of possibilities…and the future of Earth.


Astronomical Odds from Third Flatiron. This contains my story “The Shamrock Award,” which is definitely one of my more fun recent offerings.


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Strange Voyages!

Like Star Trek? Like sailing ships? Intrigued by mythology? It’s time to get your crew together and sail beyond the horizon in Strange Voyages, coming soon from Occult Moon. You are Renaissance era explorers, seeking wealth, glory, and adventure – but the lands you seek are not a New World, but an ancient one – filled with magic, mythology, and dangerous monsters. You’ll need your Fudge dice and your copy of Fate Core, but everything else is in the book: useful information about Renaissance Europe, help creating your own legendary creatures, full rules for ship on ship combat and chase scenes, magic and legendary artifacts, and so much more. Watch this space for more information on Strange Voyages. It’s time for a swashbuckling adventure on the Seven Seas!

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