And It’s Live

Get your copy of Falling Dusk here:


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Falling Dusk For Pre-Order



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Two new sales!

Sika Unmasked to Timeless Tales for their Cupid and Psyche issue.

Old Country Wolf to the Fitting In: Tales of Paranormal Subcultures anthology.

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Ariadne SOLD to Gallery of Curiosities

Short steampunk piece “Ariadne” is going to be read by the Gallery of Curiosities steampunk podcast. (This is not my first steampunk piece – that would be Water Demons).

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New Releases

Two new releases to announce:

The first is CLASSifieds: The Hussar

This is my first supplement release for Fat Goblin Games, co-written with Lucus Palosaari.

The Hussar class is a variant archetype for the Cavalier designed for light cavalry and mounted archers. The blurb says it better than I can here.

Get it for your campaign here.

The second piece of news is that I was tapped to write the next 24 issues of Avalon Game Company’s Heroes Weekly for their Heroes Wear Masks Pathfinder variant. This is Pathfinder reskinned for superheroes.

The first issue is here.

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Voyage SOLD to Bards and Sages Quarterly

Sold another story to Bards and Sages Quarterly. This one is sci-horror.

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Strange Voyages PDF Released!

The PDF of Strange Voyages has now been released.

The year is 1575, in the reign of Elizabeth I. All of Europe is eager to find new lands, new sources of fame and wealth, and belief in myth and legend is still alive. STRANGE VOYAGES will tell the story of a grand ship and a crew gathered from the furthest reaches of known geography. Their travels take them to lands that no one has ever recorded: a sea made of gravel and sand; the mythical country of Faerie; the Cyclopes’ caves; and even venturing into the land of dreams.

Get your copy from RPG Now now.

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The Silent Years: The Combined Edition!

If you’ve been hesitating about buying the novellas – here they are in a combined edition which costs a little bit less!

You can find it on Amazon and Smashwords!

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Border sold to EGM Shorts

My flash piece, “Border,” has been accepted by EGM Shorts, a project of Evil Girlfriend Media and Jennifer Brozek.

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The Silent Years: Maiden Released!

In what used to be the suburbs of Chicago, a community lives and breathes despite the Silents in the wilds beyond. It’s a bit of a straightjacket for fifteen year old Becky, facing marriage to one of the available men and bearing children who may or may not be sane. Until the unthinkable happens – the zombie-like Silents begin to recover their reason. The stage is set for a conflict between survivors and recovered, and between old ways and new.

Barnes And Noble:

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