RavenCon Schedule


5pm (Panel) When I was 10 years old, Yoda was a puppet!
7pm (Opening Ceremony) / Rooms E & F
9 pm (Panel) Doctor Who Through the Females Eyes
11 pm (Panel) Minority Report: Diversity in Comics & Media


9 am (Panel) Twelve’s Debut: A look at Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Doctor
11 am (Panel) Troll Hunting 101
1 pm (Reading) Boardroom
2 pm (Panel) Why does SF matter?
4 pm (Presentation/Workshop) Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
11 pm (Panel) Representations of Gender in Graphic Literature


10 am (Panel) Buffy: Looking Back
Noon (Soapbox) Things Fantasy Writers And Movie Directors Get Wrong About Horses
2 pm (Panel) Stupid Superhero Powers

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You’re Not Alone

Want to read a good mix of science fiction stories?

Damien Broderick was the Cosmos (Aus) fiction editor for five years and he’s put together a collection of thirty of his favorite stories from both the print and online publications during his tenure.

His choices include stories by Jay Lake, Joe Haldeman, Mary Robinette Kowak, Cat Sparks and yours truly.

The story in this volume is set in the same world as Transpecial, but considerably later in the timeline.

It’s available for purchase here:

(I realize it’s been out a while. The internet has apparently been eating my emails again and I didn’t realize it was available until my contributors’ copy arrived).

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A bit of a redesign

I’m going to be doing a bit of work on this website. The main page won’t change, but some links might show up broken occasionally for a bit.

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The Silent Years: Mother Is Live!

Get your copy from these links:



Barnes & Noble

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The Silent Years: Mother

Here it is. Or here it will be. Official release date is Friday, November 28. You can pre-order your copy from Amazon or Smashwords.

Or, you can wait until Friday and attend my Facebook party for a chance to win a free copy.

(If you are a book blogger or reviewer, please feel free to contact me).

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Penumbra “Lewis Carroll” Issue

I’m pleased to announce that Penumbra’s September issue, in honor of Lewis Carroll, is now available in all electronic formats.

The magazine features my story “Saturday Night At The Wonderland Club” as well as stories by H.L. Fullerton, E. Catherine Tobler and DeAnna Knippling.

Get your copy here.

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“Saturday Night At The Wonderland Club” sold.

Penumbra e-zine has purchased my story “Saturday Night At The Wonderland Club” for their “Lewis Carroll” themed issue.

It’s one of the most challenging stories I’ve ever written – trying to get the right balance of surreality and social comment was tough, but enjoyable.

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Two More Releases!

My (very) short story “No Magic” is now posted on the Untied Shoelaces of the Mind site – free to readers.

Also, The Death God’s Chosen from Deepwood Publishing, featuring my story “Maiden, Tower, Catacomb,” is now available.

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Future Embodied!

The book is now available in print:


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RavenCon Schedule

If you’re looking for me at RavenCon, here’s my schedule:

Friday, 6pm: Online Reviews: The Good and the Bad.
Friday, 8pm: 3-D Printing: The Promise and the Perils.
Saturday, 9am: Doctor Who Through The Ages
Saturday, 12pm: Modern Forms of Writing: Books, Comics, Film
Saturday, 3pm: Writing The Other
Saturday, 8pm: Reading
Sunday, 9am: B Movies, Our guilty but not so secret pleasure.
Sunday, 11am: Powered Armor: Is Disabled or Small still a problem?

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