Release: Tiny Supers

Gallant Knight Games has now released Tiny Supers, the superhero setting for their TinyD6 system. (What’s tiny about it is the ruleset).

This book contains their own setting and a bunch of “micro-verses” – small settings you can slot into your own idea, one of which was written by me.

You can get the PDF through DriveThruRPG here. Print on demand is coming.

Sale Announcement – Pirates & Ghosts

I am honored to announce that my short story “Salvage” has been selected for inclusion in Flame Tree Publishing’s “Pirates & Ghosts” anthology. This is a SFWA-eligible publisher and the TOC is going to include reprints of classic stories by Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells – I can’t wait to see the book. Flame […]

Fallen Dark

The second book in the Lost Guardians series is now available on Smashwords (all ebook format) and Amazon (Kindle). Print is available through Createspace, although shipping will be cheaper if you wait for it to be distributed to Amazon. Order links: Amazon: Smashwords: Createspace: