Article Portfolio

Here are some links to articles I have written:


NFL Safety, Damar Hamlin, and “The Play Must Go On.”

Medicine/public health

What is Viral Interference and Can It Help Us?

Can You Get UTI Treatment Online?

Mohs Surgery vs. Excision – Which is Right For You?

HR/work culture

Pros and Cons of Moving to a Four-Day Workweek


Did Anne of Cleeves Have a Deep Secret?

Book review

Review: Plenum, the First Book of Deo by Geoffreyjen Edwards

Disability and public access

An Open Letter to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station

Relationships and sexual health

Toxic Monogamy and Opposite Sex Friendships

Health and beauty

What Are the Side Effects of Botox?

Pre Season Skiing and Snowboarding Exercises

Food and Beverage

What Makes Champagne Different?


How to Grow Your Business Using Customer Feedback

Pets and Animals

About Martingale Collars


The Importance of Having Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Louisiana


Introduction to Identity Lifecycle Management

Science fiction & fantasy

Finding Barsoom


The Cost of Starting a Trucking Company