Balticon Schedule!

They’re keeping me really busy at Balticon next week. Here’s my tentative schedule:

Saturday, 11:30am – Knowledge for Creators (research panel)

Saturday, 2:30pm – Holy Stuff (yup, I’m doing another religion panel)

Saturday, 5:30pm – Why so many Kings and Emperors?

Saturday, 7pm – Handling the Controversial in SF/Fantasy

Sunday, 10am – Science Bloopers

Sunday, 11:30am – Why Superheroes? Why Now?

Sunday, 1pm – What happens when your fictional world starts coming true?

Sunday, 2:30pm – Reading with Randee Dawn

Sunday, 4pm – Hopepunk (If you don’t know what that means, get over here!)

Sunday, 5:30pm – Out of Control Characters

Sunday, 7pm – Signing with Sarah Avery. I will have books for sale.

Monday, 11:30am – Were the Dark Ages really so Dark?

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