You’re Not Alone

Want to read a good mix of science fiction stories?

Damien Broderick was the Cosmos (Aus) fiction editor for five years and he’s put together a collection of thirty of his favorite stories from both the print and online publications during his tenure.

His choices include stories by Jay Lake, Joe Haldeman, Mary Robinette Kowak, Cat Sparks and yours truly.

The story in this volume is set in the same world as Transpecial, but considerably later in the timeline.

It’s available for purchase here:

(I realize it’s been out a while. The internet has apparently been eating my emails again and I didn’t realize it was available until my contributors’ copy arrived).


  1. Actually, Jennifer, it hasn’t been out for a while, despite the strange publication date shown by Amazon (November 2014). Here in the real world, it’s only been out for a few days, and the copyright notice is, correctly, for 2015.

    Hope you enjoy your copy!


  2. Aha. Thank you for the clarification! Amazon can be dumb sometimes, can’t it. I assumed I hadn’t received an email because, well, my email has been horrible lately.

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