Editing Clips and Testimonials

From P.J. Hoffey of Homebrew and Hacking:

Jennifer Povey is a first-class editor who has worked on two of my books.  I have found her to be extremely helpful, efficient and lightning fast at turnaround times with a solid work ethic.

I’d recommend her for any work where a firm grasp of the English language and a minute attention to detail are needed.  Always a pleasure to work with you Jen!

From Dave Mania

Jennifer is a very reliable and fast editor who always does her best to improve spelling and grammar as well as point out reoccurring mistakes, through which I as a non-native English speaker have been able to improve my writing immensely. She always returns manuscripts at lightning speed and at a quality that is well worth the price! I cannot recommend her enough!

Some projects I have edited:

Tabletop RPGs

One If By Land, Two If By Sea, Three If By Air

Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting

New Bristol – Supers Campaign Setting


The Heroes’ Story After Saving the World