In a remote village on the ky’iin homeworld of Kyx, a young woman has committed suicide. Investigator Viyar is assigned to what should be a routine check to make sure it wasn’t murder. Ly will discover that there is far more going on.

Not everyone on Kyx wants to deal with aliens, and the death is associated with a conspiracy that runs deep…so deep not even all of those involved know its true extent.

The delicate treaty that holds interstellar peace is at risk…along with the entire future of Kyx. 

Reactions to Kyx:

“Finally planet Kyx has to deal with humans – and not everyone’s happy about

Special Investigator Viyar, a neuter in the complex triple gendered world of
the Ky’iin, must journey to a space hub to resolve a mysterious suicide and
bring home the young female seeking refuge. Who is the mysterious and
powerful antagonist seemingly acting at will, and why is she trying to kill
the human ambassador? To stop a war, Viyar needs everyone to see reason but
the Ky’iin, descended from apex predators, are not the most reasonable of

Jennifer R. Povey’s KYX is part political thriller, part police procedural
and a mind blowing contemplation on the vagaries of gender and the power of
empathy.” – Stephen Stanford