RavenCon Schedule

I will be speaking and selling fiction books at RavenCon in Glen Allen, Virginia (between Richmond and Ashland) next weekend. Here’s my schedule:

Friday 6pm – Moderator 101

Friday 8pm – Writing and Tabletop Role Playing Gaming

Saturday 10am – Short, Sweet, and To The Point (talking about the joys of very short fiction).

Saturday 1pm – RavenCon Anthologies Panel – this is a belated post launch party for the RavenCon fundraising anthologies.

Saturday 2pm – RavenCon Anthologies Signing – I will also have books for sale here and as we have the entire hotel, I can sell you a book out of my hotel room at any time.

Saturday 9pm – Asexual Representation in SFF

Sunday 10am – …In Time Travel: What’s the Latest on Dr. Who

Sunday noon: Lost In Translation: Language Barriers in SFF

Sunday 1pm: RavenCon Anthology Reading (this actually runs from noon to two, but I’ll be reading in the second half.

Sunday 2pm: Legends and Myths in Urban Fantasy

Whewf! Again, I’ll have books to sell throughout the weekend as well as during the anthology author mass signing. If you want something, just let me know and I’ll grab a copy, as long as I’m not on my way to a programming item at that precise time. And expect to see me in the bar a fair bit too!

As with all con schedules, this is prone to last minute changes.

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