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Do you need web content that can actually be read by humans, not just search engine algorithms? Guest blog posts with personality and voice?

If so, contact me for professional quality writing. I am college educated, experienced, and a native English speaker. I will write content for your website or blog, Craigslist advertisements and other copy and will discuss larger ghostwriting projects. I can do basic SEO – including keywords and the like, but I will not “keyword stuff.” Search engine algorithms can now identify keyword stuffed content and it will be downgraded.

I also offer proofreading and basic copy editing services.

Note that I will only do article spins or rewrites on work on which you personally own the rights. I will not rewrite articles from the internet – this is a form of plagiarism and although a lot of people do it I consider it unethical.. However, I will gladly take your existing web site and fix your grammar and pretty up the writing for you.

Statement on AI Tools:

Many AI tools are advertised that can supposedly do all the ghostwriting for you. These tools have their uses.

I do not believe that AI tools can replace human writing, especially in creative fields. They cannot offer thought leadership, they cannot provide opinions. AI tools to speed research are inaccurate and do not save a lot of time.

Entirely AI-written material is often easy for a human to detect, riddled with errors, and will do the opposite of helping with your search engine ranking.

I do not use generative AI in my work. This means that I do not use AI to generate the text, even if I revise it afterwards. I do not use AI to generate outlines or citations, unless requested by my clients. I will note to clients that outline generating and research tools save me little time. Frase, for example, does not check source quality and once sent me to an article on equine infectious anemia for a search on human hereditary anemia. Only part right was “anemia.” I will use these tools if you ask me to but, again, they do not save me as much time as you think. This means that my own blog posts do not use these tools and the majority of my ghost written work does not. To make AI work readable requires much human time, meaning it is not as cheap as you think, and the content is generally flat and banal.

I use no AI tools when writing fiction, nor will I. Art requires a human connection. While some of my peers find AI outlining and brainstorming tools useful, I do not, and there are also questions about the copyright on AI assisted work. All of my books, stories, and RPG supplements are entirely human-written with the use of no tools other than minimal use of spellcheck to help detect errors.

Services Offered

Articles and blog posts, length variable. I will do a one off guest post or I will provide everything needed for your blog. My niches are HR/work culture, home improvement, light medical/wellness (I am not a doctor), light legal (I am not a lawyer), pets and animals, sexual health, and travel.

Blog strategy. This means I will take over your blog. I will come up with titles, discussing the topics you want covered. I will do all research.

Article rewrites/content refreshes. This is for older content that you own and have the rights to. I will also refresh the content on your website.

Fiction. I am always interested in writing tie-in or shared world fiction, or fiction segments to be included with RPGs. I have sold short fiction to outlets including Flame Tree Fiction’s Gothic Fantasy Anthology series, Analog, Daily Science Fiction, and other professional venues.

Proofreading. I proofread fiction, web content, tabletop RPGs, and technical writing. Proofreading means that I do a quick read to check for typos, word choice errors, incorrect punctuation.

Copy editing. I do copy editing for fiction, tabletop RPGs and articles. Copy editing is the next step up, which means I will check for typos and word choice errors, but also fix clunky wording.

Developmental editing. I do developmental editing only for tabletop RPGs, erotica and short and long form science fiction, fantasy, and related genres. This includes reading for consistency and continuity, checking for potentially problematic material, and a full critique designed to improve your work. Yes, I do erotica and erotic romance. I read slush for an erotica zine and I will make sure you have the appropriate number of hands and nobody’s waist spins through 180 degrees.

Sensitivity reading. I read for autism and bisexuality, and I do, again, tabletop RPGs, erotica and short and long term science fiction, fantasy, and related genres. I will also do fact checking/consultancy for authors who are writing books set in the UK but have never been there (are your characters ordering food correctly in a pub). I will also do cultural consultancy, which means emails, phone calls, etc.

Basic ebook/print layout. I use Vellum, which is a Mac only software that is fairly expensive and produces high quality layout. This is what I use myself. I do not do layout for RPGs.


A 50% up front deposit is required for all significant editing, proofing, and sensitivity reading projects. The remaining 50% is due when you approve the edits.

All editing projects must be completed, and I must receive the entire project before I start work

Article pricing includes one rewrite and two rounds (maximum) of quick edits. This is to discourage clients from sending 20 rounds of edits. Alas, I am not exaggerating.

If you want me to add images, I charge extra.

I charge extra for rush delivery (24-48 hour turnaround), which may not always be available. The rate goes up if a weekend or holiday is involved

I charge extra for extended phone calls. However, all new clients get one free phone call or video call to discuss their project. I will also negotiate to include other phone calls if you are a long-term client paying for blog management services.

I offer a discount to charities and non-profits that directly help people or animals in some way. (I.e., not activist or lobbyist groups).

Things I will not do:

Fake testimonials or reviews. I will gladly clean up testimonials and make them pretty if you send them to me. I will not invent them out of whole cloth.

Your or your kid’s college homework.

Material that encourages pick up artists or similar material.

Material that supports extreme political views or is openly racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, transphobic, etc.

Material that promotes or gives information about activities that are illegal in your location. This doesn’t mean articles about why the activity should be legal, those are fine. I mean I will not write an article about how to find sex workers in a Muslim country, or…

Obvious false advertising or illegal claims. For example, I will not advertise your product with claims that will get you into trouble with the FDA.

Certain kinds of extreme erotica, namely snuff, vore, rapefic, or anything involving children, animals, or individuals unable to consent. If you don’t know what those things are, be glad. I will, however, edit fetish, kink, menages, etc.

Free custom samples of writing. You can find some articles here. I have a variety of other articles on my Medium blog and will gladly send paywall-bypassing links to any that are relevant to you, and I also have sample articles on my computer. I do do paid test pieces and, in fact, encourage you to commission one if you are interested in a long term project.

I do, however, do free sample edits. This is industry standard and, especially for large projects, I want to make sure you are a good fit.

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