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Do you need web content that can actually be read by humans, not just search engine algorithms? Guest blog posts with personality and voice?

If so, contact me for professional quality writing. I am college educated, experienced, and a native English speaker. I will write content for your website or blog, Craigslist advertisements and other copy and will discuss larger ghostwriting projects. I can do basic SEO – including keywords and the like, but I will not “keyword stuff.” Search engine algorithms can now identify keyword stuffed content and it will be downgraded.

I also offer proofreading and basic copy editing services.

Note that I will only do article spins or rewrites on work on which you personally own the rights. I will not rewrite articles from the internet – this is a form of plagiarism and although a lot of people do it I consider it unethical.. However, I will gladly take your existing web site and fix your grammar and pretty up the writing for you.

My standard rates are:
Article only – 7 cents/word – this means you provide at least three or four good sources and additional research as required.
Article rewrites – you must own the rights to the original article – 4 cents/word
Full service – 10-15 cents/word – rate varies according to topic and length. This includes all necessary research and ONE free rewrite per article.
Proofreading – $3/1000 words for fiction and web content, $3.50/1000 words for more “technical” non-fiction.
Copy editing – $5/1000 words. Note that I do not do developmental editing for fiction.
Developmental editing for RPGs – $7/1000 words. Negotiable. This includes checking consistency, continuity and for obviously problematic material.
Sensitivity reading – $8/1000 words. I read for autism and bisexuality.
Cultural consultancy for the above (phone calls, etc) – $50/hour, minimum $20.
Basic ebook/print layout – $30 per book. I use Vellum and can insert your custom glyphs. (I do not design glyphs. Not my talent).

Images to be added to articles – $5 per image if you provide a stock image site from which images can be obtained. $15 per image otherwise.
Rush delivery – 10% for 48 hour guaranteed turnaround, 20% for 24 hours – 30% for rush delivery if all or part of the time falls on a weekend. Note that rush delivery may not always be available.
Writer comes up with topic – An additional $20 if you need me to come up with a topic and title for the post. This can take a surprising amount of time.
Consultations – $50/hr for extensive consultation – this does not mean exchanging a few emails or a five minute conversation, but if you want to spend time with me brainstorming and coming up with topics, etc.

Rates are negotiable for:
RPG companies (I know there’s not much money in the industry and will often work for your standard rates)
Charities and non-profits that directly help people or animals

I will not write:
1. Fake testimonials or reviews.
2. Your college homework.
3. Material written for “PUAs” or similar. If it’s about overcoming somebody’s resistance to having sex with you, nope.
4. Material that supports extreme political views (fascism, actual Soviet communism, etc).
5. Material that promotes or helps people partake in illegal activities. I WILL write articles that make a case for something being legal – drugs, sex work, etc. Just nothing that could get somebody into trouble.
6. Hate speech against any group.
7. Material which violates anybody’s copyright.

I do not provide free custom samples. I will gladly send free samples of already-completed work on request. You can also find some articles here.

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