Balticon Schedule!

They’re keeping me really busy at Balticon next week. Here’s my tentative schedule: Saturday, 11:30am – Knowledge for Creators (research panel) Saturday, 2:30pm – Holy Stuff (yup, I’m doing another religion panel) Saturday, 5:30pm – Why so many Kings and Emperors? Saturday, 7pm – Handling the Controversial in SF/Fantasy Sunday, 10am – Science Bloopers Sunday, […]

Why “Artificial Intelligence” is the Content Pretender

Content is “king” according to marketers. And according to many, human-generated content is now dead and the people making a living from creating it should go learn another skill. Enter the AI. Jasper AI promises in its advertising to let you write blog posts “ten times faster.” It’s only one of a number of AI […]

Sale: Solarpunk Microfiction Contest

Signed a contract with Solarpunk Magazine after my flash piece “Where The Bulls Had Danced” became one of four winners for their July microfiction contest. The four winners will be available as a mini-issue to Patreon supporters by the end of the day and to the general public on Saturday! They’re all very short, so […]