Upcoming Release

I’ve been doing some work for an RPG company called Occult Moon. Specifically, I’ve contributed number 3 of their ‘Captain’s Logs from the Sandbox’ series. (They also have ‘Toys from the Sandbox’, which are fantasy). These are brief scenarios designed to provide adventure hooks and are completely system independent…you can use them with any system […]

Comets and Criminals #2!

I’m very pleased to announce that Comets and Criminals #2 will feature my story ‘The Emperor’s Grandson’. This is actually an out-of-genre story for me – it’s a straight historical with pretty much no speculative elements. The issue itself is a mixed bag of genres (sometimes within the same story), but there are quite a […]

The Emperor’s Grandson to Comets and Criminals

My historical short ‘The Emperor’s Grandson’ has been accepted by the new e-zine Comets and Criminals (based in New Zealand – not sure why people down-under seem to like my stories, but they often do). I wasn’t sure where I was going to place this one as it’s out of my normal genre, so very […]