RavenCon Schedule


5pm (Panel) When I was 10 years old, Yoda was a puppet!
7pm (Opening Ceremony) / Rooms E & F
9 pm (Panel) Doctor Who Through the Females Eyes
11 pm (Panel) Minority Report: Diversity in Comics & Media


9 am (Panel) Twelve’s Debut: A look at Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Doctor
11 am (Panel) Troll Hunting 101
1 pm (Reading) Boardroom
2 pm (Panel) Why does SF matter?
4 pm (Presentation/Workshop) Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
11 pm (Panel) Representations of Gender in Graphic Literature


10 am (Panel) Buffy: Looking Back
Noon (Soapbox) Things Fantasy Writers And Movie Directors Get Wrong About Horses
2 pm (Panel) Stupid Superhero Powers

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