Eep. It seems I’ve been censored! Uh oh. What’s going on with this? Where’s my name gone? Where’s my voice gone?

Nobody likes censorship, although millions of people live under it every day. In North Korea, most people aren’t even allowed internet access. China blocks dissidents with its Great Firewall. But we’re in the United States. The Land of the Free. Nobody’s going to be blocking me out here, right?


This is why you’re seeing people’s logos censored all over the net. The Stop Internet Piracy Act.

Wait, you say. But aren’t you a content creator? Shouldn’t you be in favor of stopping piracy? I’ve spoken out on my other blog against Digital Rights Management before.

This is far, far worse.

It makes sites responsible for infringing content posted by users. Somebody posts a video to Youtube with a copyrighted song? Copyright owner can sue Youtube. The same with Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus. ALL of those sites will have to preview all user content or risk expensive lawsuits.

Can you really imagine that even a huge company like Google or Facebook can afford to do this? If you can’t imagine that, then imagine the internet without social media.

Imagine the internet without blogging platforms such as Blogspot or WordPress.com.

Imagine the world as it was before the internet, with those who fight tyranny unable to get their words out.

If you don’t want to imagine that, write your Congressman NOW and ask him to oppose SOPA. I don’t normally do politics. I’d rather not be doing politics now. But as a content creator and one who relies on intellectual property for income, I absolutely oppose any measures to prevent piracy that have the primary effect of inconveniencing legitimate users.

SOPA would not just inconvenience people. It might well put them or their livelihood in danger.

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